I’ve decided to kick off my new blog with a series of posts on Test-Driven Infrastructure (TDI).

There is detailed code that is useful for sys admins and DevOps engineers, but I also am tailoring the inital posts toward CTOs and engineering managers who are interested in whether or not they should implement TDI at their company (hint: they should).

By reading this series of posts, I hope that you will not only be inspired to implement TDI in your organization, but that you will also be equipped with enough knowledge to start work immediately toward that goal.


This series of posts will cover:

  1. Why Test Driven Infrastructure (TDI) is Important
  2. My DevOps tools: Ansible and Serverspec
  3. TDI DevOps development locally with Vagrant
  4. Continuous integration of Ansible roles
  5. Baked-image deployment with Ansible for auto-scaling
  6. Building a new environment
  7. Rolling deployments
  8. Specs for environment differences


The core technologies used in the example TDI workflow include: